Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. C!

Well, today is my honey's 35th birthday! And what a birthdy it has been! I'm feeling too tired to go into great detail, but here's the birthday rundown:

Morning: All is great! We enjoy our traditional cake-and-ice cream breakfast, and off Cliff goes to work, and I homeschool.

Afternoon: Head into the basement. Hmmmm, the carpet is completely soaked. Hmmmmm, the cement floor in the storage room is completely soaked, with water everywhere. Hmmmm, it has been raining for 36 hours straight, plus a ton of snowmelt. Hmmmmm, I don't hear the sumpump working at all.

A few minutes later: MAJOR freakout on my part. After a freakout call to the Birthday Boy, Hattie and I work frantically to pick up toys, move furniture and sop up water. We use, and I am not joking, every towel in our home: kitchen, bath or otherwise. We are VERY grateful that we have a huge stock of too-small, but super-absorbant cloth diapers in the house.

An hour later: My knight-in-shining-armor, Mr. C comes home, fixes the sumpump, and begins to take care of the water removal. I love my husband.

An hour after that: Take the kids upstairs for bath, and discover that Wanda ate something plastic-y and decided to puke it up all over Paloma's bedroom. And guess what? Every towel we have is soaked with basement water!

With all the commotion, I am unable to make Cliff's special birthday dinner, so the handy dandy Pizza Hut Gift Card, a Christmas gift, is used for pizza, breadsticks and superhot hotwings.

I have some very cute pictures of the birthday breakfast, but right now I can't get to my computer (in the basement), so I'm on Cliff's laptop. I'll post them later.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be less crabby. I don't know if I come across as a crabby person, but often I feel crabby inside and I want to change that. So, instead of crabbing about what happened, I tried to focus on these thoughts:

1. If the carpet has to go, so what. We don't have an extra dime right now for anything because we're going into that homestretch of the adoption, but that's okay. We could easily paint the concrete floor and throw down a few carpet remnants until we can afford new carpeting.

2. Given all that was in the basement, we have lost surprisingly little. And really, it's just stuff. As a pastor we heard once said, "I've never seen a hearse towing a U-Haul."

3. While I was sweeping water towards the drainpipe, I was thanking the good Lord that it was ONLY water and not sewage.

4. My dear husband was able to FIX the sumpump. No repair expense. No replacement expense. Which is such a blessing, as I want to tap our savings as little as humanly possibly.

5. We didn't have to pay for our Pizza Hut dinner because of the gift card, and our kids thought that they were giving Daddy a feast with the hotwings and pizza. It was very cute.

6. Looking at the major natural disasters of the past year worldwide, who am I to complain over a little water!?!

7. I realize how important it is to approach these types of problems with a cheery, can-do disposition. I see how both Hatfield and Atticus watch everything I do, and take cues from me. I don't want to them to see some stressed-out, cranky mom over-reacting. Especially Hattie, because she just soaks in whatever emotions I display. I want them to see a mom who takes the problem seriously, but addresses the issues and tries to remain light-hearted. I really tried to laugh through it, like when the laundry basket handle broke because the wet towels were so wet and heavy it couldn't hold it. The wet towels went SPLAT! and dirty water all over yours truly. Gross? Yes, but funny. Once the kids saw me laughing, they were able to laugh right along with me.

8. We were still able to celebrate Cliff's birthday and have fun while doing it. Sometimes these mini-crises are a nice way to infuse a "teamwork" mentality back into regular family life.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Well it was birthday to remember that is for sure! Glad to hear it ended on such a good note!
Luv The Swat Team!
Sarah pack up some of that attitude and send it my way would ya?....I could use a little! :)

This Mama said...

oh dear....I am glad you guys pulled through the mess! Oh, I hate it when the stuff goes down like that and the Hubby is away....I wouldn't know what to do with a sumppump (sounds kinda messy :)

ps you must be an internal grump because you always sounds very positive on the blog