Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hairy Scairy

2008 has, thus far, been a hair raising experience in our home.

This morning, I discovered that my grey hairs are continuing to propagate their species, working their way into my part-line. Yes, indeed, one little crazy grey hair was not quite long enough to be snagged by elastic, astray for the world to see.

And how can I tell that I'm maturing? I couldn't care less about it. When I discovered my first grey hair, two days after my 30th birthday, I cried for quite a while. Pluckety pluck pluck. Now, who cares?

Cliff created his own hair spectacle late this afternoon, upon his return from kayaking. That's right. Kayaking. In Wisconsin. On New Year's Day. Idiot.

Sorry, I'm being hasty with my judgment. Crash, there goes one of my resolutions, falling right off that list. I made it a whopping 18 hours.

But am I being too hasty with my judgment? Hmmmmm. . .Cliff is known as "Tippy" to his kayaking buddies, and for good reason. So let's see...freezing cold air temp with an 80 degree F lake. That's right, 80 degrees. How so? A nearby power plant recycles its warm byproduct water into the body of water Cliff was kayaking on.

So, we have Tippy in freezing weather kayaking in warm nuclear water with the 3-eyed, glow-in-the dark fish.

Dare I say it?

Idiot. One year older, but not one year wiser ;)

Anyway, I completely digress. Cliff came home from his expedition, donning the following 'do:

The kids' reactions to it were hilarious! Paloma kept asking, "Daddy? Daddy?" and then would laugh hysterically. Hatfield looked embarrassed. And Atticus carried on the following monologue:

"Daddy, you look Chinese!" (For some reason, Atticus thinks all Chamorros are from China, despite our hours of explanation otherwise. There are days when Atticus tells us that he looks like Mom, and other days he tells us that he is Chinese. 5 year olds!)

"Dad, you look like a teenager!"

"Dad, you look like a teenager from China!"

"Dad, you look like a Chinese teenager!"

Great. Now I look like some old, crazy grey-haired pedophile with a Chinese teenager love slave. Happy New Year!


Jen said...

Nothing like ringing in the New Year but swimming with three headed fish...i would be staying sooo far wawy from that "lake" or nuclear run-off as it should be called!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Hey man quit showing off that gorgeous head of hair!