Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Christmas is around the corner, and PAC families are making fun t-shirts for the kids at the orphanage! One super-organized parent took the time to create a database on our group board with all the kids' names, so that parents could sign up for their kids and any others who do not have families committed to them yet. Another very kind family, who will be in Haiti right before Christmas, volunteered to bring all the shirts down.

As such, Jill & her older kids headed over to our house last night for a T-Shirt Party! Stocked with an iron-on transfer paper computer program, a variety of iron-in doohickeys, and puffy paint, we set out to make some awesome t-shirts for Christna, Joel and Philippe Merisier.

Atticus and Dominic were hard at work.

Clarena and Hattie put the finishing bling touches on Christna's shirt.

Jill and I are so much alike it's comical. Well, except for the fact that she has way more energy than I do, much better decorating skills, and her house is really, really clean (two times I have stopped by unexpected and things were all glowy and gleamy!). Other than that, we're identical. So, by the time we had finished with all the iron-ons (and a half bottle of wine), our kids were busy playing hide-and-go-seek. We looked at the puffy paint, looked at each other. "I stink at puffy paint" I said. "Our shirts are too nice to ruin them," she agreed. "Quick, let's hide it from the kids."

The kids never even noticed. They were proud to show off our final results!

Our boys' shirts!

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