Monday, December 24, 2007

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me:

Ten prayers for Haiti

Haiti's children and adoption program are weighing on our hearts and minds a lot lately, so we'd like to offer up our Haitian prayer list.

- We pray for little Caleb and his wonderful adoptive mama, Sara E., our program manager. Their file continues to hit one nightmare after another, and through it all Sara is always strong, always prayerful, and always working as hard on our cases as she is working on her own. We pray that Caleb's file is released from MOI and has his passport in hand SOON.

- We pray for the other families waiting to get their children home. There are far too many, and children need to be in loving, forever families.

- We pray for Jill's family and Addie's family, as they have received word this week that the children they were adopting (Christna and Davidson) have been removed from the orphanage by their birthparents. We pray for the health and safety of little Christna and Davidson, and we pray for their birth families to have a means to provide them with shelter, food, safety, education and love. We pray for emotional healing for Jill and Addie and their families in this all too sad time.

- We pray for the health and safety of all the children at Les Petites Anges de Chantal.

- We pray for the health and safety of Marie and all the nannies and staff at Les Petites Anges de Chantal. We pray that they receive many health and financial blessings for the incredible and selfless work they do each day.

- We pray for the problems and holdups within the adoption process to dissolve, and for files to once again move quickly so that children may go home.

- We pray that the new adoption laws will not further restrict families from pursuing Haitian adoptions.

- We pray that the restavek children of Haiti.

- We pray our boys come home quickly.

- As we pray, we praise our God and rest quietly, knowing that He is at work.

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