Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me:

Four hours of *(!&$*% frustration!

These mittens are for my dear friend Melanie's Fourth Anniversary of Her 29th Birthday. Pretty, huh? The picture does not do them justice, but they are made with a soft, silky wool-blend grey yarn and Mohair Moonlight in Black Pearl--which has shimmy, bead-like greys, blacks and whites. I love them. Or I did.

When one knits a mitten while watching a movie, gabbing with the husband, and drinking wine, one will inevitably forget a couple 'ticks' or two on her row count. Then, when moving onto the second mitten, which takes roughly 4 hours to knit, one will not include those all-too-important rows, and bind off the mitten. Only then, will one realize that the mittens are TWO FRIGGIN' DIFFERENT SIZES!!!!!

On a positive note, Miss Melanie was able to try both mittens on and choose the one of her liking. I will now knit that mitten's mate, and then Miss Melanie will not only receive hand-knit mittens, but specifically sized hand-knit mittens.

So, we're at:

Four hours of (*@#$* frustration,
Three legged beagle,
Two crazy cats in christmas tree, and
one border collie named Wanda.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I'm so excited to be part of you 'days' of Christmas...or at least my (*@#$* frustrating mitten is!

I'm excited for them too...however, no RUSH! Seriously it's the holidays!