Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me:

Merisier, age 3 (Blue's Clues Shirt)

Joel, age 4 (Green Shirt)

Eight New Photos from Haiti!!!

Don't tell the Mister, but this morning my true love is a beautiful French Canadian woman named Isabelle! She is an adopting mom currently visiting Haiti, and she uploaded all her photos last night for us! She is an amazing photographer, and all of us PAC parents are so incredibly grateful for these wonderful, early Christmas presents!

Eight New Photos from Haiti,
Seven Beds for the Makin',
Six New Things on My To-Do List
Five Packages of Fudge,
Four Hours of #*&#)@ Frustration,
Three Legged Beagle,
Two Crazy Cats in the Christmas Tree, and
One Border Collie Named Wanda

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Instantly brought a smile to my face! So happy that you got such a great Chrstmas gift in these pictures! I can hardly wait to meet these little guys in person :)
Shelly and gang