Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Message to Granny from Atticus

Hi Granny!

This is Atticus. I wanted you to see me in my favorite shirt.

Do you remember making my shirt? I love it. I love to wear it with my red Christmas socks. If my red Christmas socks are dirty, then I love to wear it with my orange Halloween socks.

I would wear this shirt everyday if my mom would let me. Instead, she says she must wash it first. I only get my laundry done once a week, but for this shirt, my mom makes the exception and will wash it two, sometimes three times each week.

Do you remember sending us these?

We love to keep track of the Santa Countdown. I asked my mom to hang them up in the famiy room, so she did. The only problem is that my sister Paloma likes to eat the chalk! We haven't figured that one out yet.

I love you Granny. I keep my picture of you with your fiddle in my violin case.

I can't wait for someday when you can play your fiddle, I can play my violin and Hattie can play her piano. Actually, Paloma likes to sing.

Big Hugs and Smooches Too

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Anonymous said...

I am so pleased that you still like the things from years past. So much throw away these days. I loved working on your shirt and I can see that it must have hit the floor last year, you have grown so much and it still looks plenty roomy. I'm glad you enjoy it. You look perfectly at ease with that violin. I will have to start practicing again, so I can keep up with you. Wouldn't that be fun if we could all play together and Paloma could sing. We have a lot of musicians in our near by family, too. I love you, too, buddy, and wish so much to come see you. For now, thank goodness you mom has this blog and I get to see you regularily and see you and your sisters growing up.

Love, Granny