Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why I Love Blogging

I Heart Blogging. Someone should make a bumper sticker.

I admit, I could easily spend an hour (or three) each evening, reviewing my blogging friend's blogs, clicking on their links, and the links of those links, and so on.

Through blogging, I have been exposed to new thoughts and ideas that would have *never* occurred to me. Strokes of both of the genius variety and the don't-try-this-at-home variety. I greatly admire the adopting parents who share their struggles and triumphs, and through them I am developing strength and wisdom while I navigate our own adoption rollercoaster. And I try to share mine, both as a chronicle for my own Haitian sons to read someday when they are older, and as a hope that perhaps our experience will inspire someday else to adopt themselves. I read about people who, although I have never met, I care about. Most in the adoption/homeschool/large family blog rings that I most often frequent are very caring people. Ask for suggestions, and they'll offer their ideas. Ask for prayers, and they'll pray for you. Hearts fill a bit deeper, eyes open a bit wider.

One of these awesome adoption/blogging friends is Aves, of Call of the Phoebe blog. She has an incredible blog, and each day my blog receives numerous hits from her blog (I'm talking like 33% of my returning hits come from her blog!). As you may have guessed, or may know from being a reader of her blog, Aves is a true animal lover and took the time to write the most awesome response to my opossum-woes post:

"As you know I am an animal fanatic, of all kinds. Plus I have cared for opossums (many of them) when I was rehabbing wildlife. So I am hoping by sharing a little bit of facts about opossums with you, you may actually start liking them.

Ok, hear me out...Hehe

1. Opossums are not rodents therefore not related to rats.

2. Opossums are the only North American Marsupial, meaning the only mammal in North America that raises their young in a pouch.

3. Opossums are nomadic, meaning that this opossum is probably not the same one from this summer.

4. He is so big because a. he is probably a male, and 2. He needs to fatten up to survive the winter.

5. Opossums DO NOT carry or transmit rabies and really is of no threat to your children or your dog.

6. Winters are VERY hard on them because of their bare ears and tails. They experience alot of frostbite and then injuries from dog attacks.

7. Opossums may not be the prettiest, but then again neither am I, and I sure hope people don't want to hurt me just because I may not be pleasant to look at.

Anyway, if none of that did the trick, maybe you can turn him into a lesson about marsupials and you observwe one in its natural environemnt..your backyard, at least for a few days, and then he will move on.



p.s. Getting a second dog is also a great idea. LOL"

How cool is that comment? Talk about eyes opening! I have to admit, despite my intense discomfort around opossums, this comment made my heart soften a bit towards these animals. The thought of any poor little creature suffering from the cold or frostbite makes me sad (yes, I'm very sensitive, probably overly so). And that they carry their own little babies around in a pouch. And the knowledge that they don't transmit rabies (I was very misinformed on that one), so the threat subsides there as well.

Call me crazy, but after reading this response, I think I may actually be feeling a sort of motherly kinship with this little (okay, huge) guy. Like out of all the backyards on our block, mine feels friendly and cozy enough for him to call it home for the time being (yes, I realize that I'm totally personifying an opossum here). And I like the idea of teaching my children more about these creatures, especially since we have one right here in the yard (no, we will not go looking for him, lol!).

So thank you, Aves, for taking the time to write such a great response. It definitely has made an impact for the better.

And as for your p.s., stay tuned! We may have some news to post in the days ahead. . .


Melanie said...

This is fun...I had to go check out Call of the Phoebe...blogging is such a wonderfully strange community...where you can learn about anothers life, as if you found the key to their diary...I like Aves already...three daughters (I can relate) and I noticed kayaking on her lists of passions...and if she can help with your 'rodent' issues...even better!

Sawatzky Kids said...

Still going with a HUGE!!! EEEWWW!
Shelly andgang

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Thanks for the nice post!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Manda said...

Hey Sarah, it is Mrs.Johnson, just wanted to say hi!!! I hope everything is well!! Tell Attacus I miss him. On a side note- you have truly inspired me to blog so check out my baby..

It will give you an update on our lives!!! I pray for your family to be complete everyday!!!