Monday, November 12, 2007

Saying Good-Bye to Dear Friends

Saturday was a bittersweet night for us, as we went to a going away party for our dear friends, Michelle and Shawn of the Swat Team. They are relocating to Canada so that Shawn can help take over the family business. We are going to miss our friends terribly; their son Jack and Atticus are best buddies, and we have betrothed our youngest duo, whom Mel so appropriately dubbed, "Wyloma."

Some tears were shed at the party, but as with our group of friends, it was mostly nonstop laughter. In a move unusual for me, I remembered both to bring my camera and have Cliff take photos! Shelly has been known to snatch away digital cameras to delete unflattering shots of herself (yes, she did this to mine one night at dinner, but as Michelle B. said, I wouldn't want to take her on, so I just let her delete away, lol!). So, I made certain that Cliff immediately hid our camera, and now I have ALL the photos from the evening, both the good and the bad (evil cackle!).

Inspired by Miss Shelly, I've created a photo slide show to honor my dear friend (and yes, my dear, I did keep the really bads one out):


Anonymous said...

okay...immeditaly after getting off the phone with you I ran upstairs and checked our computer hoping by some miracle our internet still workd and WOW it actually worked (not sure why our phone is no longer connected and my email is cut off, I am sure it is one more thing to call about tomorrow :) LOVE the slide show! Smart woman not putting up the bad ones! LOL
The pictures of us trying to get serious for the camera are priceless! Thank you Sarah! For the friendship!... and start planning your families trip to the great white north! Melanie is already planning theirs! LOL
Lot's of Luv
Shelly and gang

Melanie said...

Love it! Awesome slide show! I must say, again and again, we are a great looking group of women! And wonderfully great women too! Shelly, we will miss you...and just to clarify...I'm bringing the women on the road trip...not the family! :-)