Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have officially overdone it.

And today, unapologetically, I am taking a nap.

The commotion since we have returned home has finally caught up with me. A wonderful party, hosting dinner for good friends, unpacking, laundry, homeschool, church, sleepovers. One would think that would be enough. But oh no, Superwoman here had to go and do three additional things, two of which were really stupid.

Stupid Thing #1: Attended a kickboxing class after weeks of not hitting the Y. With a hardnose teacher. Who walks around the class and watches what you're doing, so you're always doing everything (or at least I, the one with the fear of disappointing people, do). Note to self: best to return to working out with a slow jog around the track.

Stupid Thing #2: Moved furniture. The "rearrangement" bug bit on Monday night, and bit me hard. After the unpacking, my dining table and desk with piled to the limit with unopened mail, homeschool work, projects, books, etc. Ever since we have moved into our house, the dining room has been a (very unorganized) thorn in my side. I could no longer take it, and suddenly, inspiration struck me on how to rework my furniture without changing my living room furniture arrangement (which I love and works perfectly and will never change). Plus, Cliff was out of town for work. Generally, in our relationship, Cliff is always the optimist, I am the forever pessimist. Except when it comes to two things: one, packing a car for a trip, and two, rearranging furniture. In those situations, I believe all sorts of magic can be done, while Cliff fails to see potential in an open space (love you, honey!). So, with the mister gone, I had a license to rearrange at will.

Having always been such a cluttered disaster, I have no before photos of the dining room, except this one. So, here is the dining room this past December before while we were taking down the chair rail. Gotta love that shade of seafoam!

Here it is now:

Nothing fancy, but for now it suits me well: clean, simple and uncluttered. However, given the way my shoulder and wrist now feel, I question the wisdom in my moving my quite heavy and bulky china cabinet and buffet from one wall to the other:

On the right wall is my mother's hope chest, adorned with family photos and one very special treasure, my grandfather's initialed briefcase:

Cliff and I love all things old, and so it is very important to us to have pieces of furniture in our rooms with a history. My desk is my most treasured possession. My father's law library desk that he purchased at auction (it was a library table) during his first year in law school. While I did not like housing it in my dining room (small room, big desk), I hated the thought of storing it in the basement, as we had done in our Milwaukee home. Suddenly, I realized that in my childhood home, my mother had her grandmother's wicker desk in the spot just to the left of the front door in the living room. Having the same setup and huge open space, I took the chance on lugging the heavy beast from the dining room to the living room. I am so pleased that I did!

The typewriter on the desk is an antique one that I purchased as a gift for Cliff at an estate sale in the Bayside neighborhood of Milwaukee. Cliff is a typewriter aficionado, and he was so excited to come home and see it in our living room. As an added bonus for me, its presence helps control the clutter factor, since there isn't much room for anything else.

Since my rearranging spree and kickboxing class, I have been quite stiff and sore. All by fault of my own stupidity, mind you. But this condition seemed to invite the situation I found myself in yesterday.

In the morning, we had a full face cord of wood delivered for our winter fires. The delivery was placed in the driveway, and I had planned on Cliff moving it into the garage that night. But wouldn't you know it, 4 pm comes, Cliff is 2 hours from home, and calls me panicked. The weather radio station he was listening to indicated heavy rain was due to arrive shortly in Green Bay. The wood needed to be moved into the garage before it was soaked.

So, Atticus and I went out and hauled this:

from the driveway into the garage.

And did it rain?

So here I am, off to drag my achy, tired, overdone body to naptime. Thank goodness my two little ones will still nap, and my oldest is quite content to curl up in bed with a good book. Happy slumbers!


Melanie said...

hope you enjoyed your well deserved nap! i love the it, love it, love it...i, too, always cringed at not seeing it in all its looks great!!!

MattyP said...

Naps rule.

Anonymous said...

Over at Laura's had to check the blogs :) The pictures look great but to really get the full effect the new arrangment should be seen in person! Glad I got the chance to!
Already missing the Cruz's :(
Shelly and gang