Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Atticus' time left with his best buddy, Jack Swatter, is dwindling quickly before their move, so tonight they are having a sleepover party here at our house. The boys are such a riot together; at times behaving as rambunctious 5-year olds do, while at other times channeling 88-year old grannies (they are notoriously poky and discuss even the most minute of details).

Atticus spent much of our vacation lamenting that once Jackson moves to Canada, he will have NO friends. Of course, this isn't true, but he certainly will miss his first best buddy.

As I am typing this in our basement, I can hear the boys thudding about in Atticus' bedroom, 2 floors up. Donning pajamas and white Power Ranger Gloves, they are performing brain surgery on a stuffed shark. Atticus is obsessed with the brain, as evidenced by the "posters" he has chosen to decorate his door:

Some kids put up High School Musical and kitten posters (Hatfield), others settle for Spidey. My kid? Photocopies of the brain that he asked the pediatrician for during his 5-year checkup (he initially told her that he wanted to see a brain; while disappointed that she didn't whip a real one out right there and then, he settled for the pictures from her anatomy reference book).

Jack's comment upon seeing his door: "That's the coolest door ever!"

What a friend Atticus has in Jack. We'll miss you, buddy!

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Anonymous said...

Truly the best of friends! Jack was a blessed boy to get a friend like Atticus! Thanks for the post!
Shelly and gang