Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who Needs a Teddy Bear When. . .

you have a toy vacuum cleaner!!!

Paloma delights in taking different toys to bed with her each night. Sunday evening she decided that it was her vacuum's turn.

When I went in Monday morning, she was standing in her crib, vacuuming her pink flannel bedding. Good girl!


Rochelle Farewell said...

I love this blog...sounds like your children have a sense of humor as well! My kids are slowly outgrowing some of their weirdness, so enjoy it while its there! The vacuum cleaner story brought back a lot of memories :)

Jen said...

Sam has the same vacuum. The voice gets a bit annoying after a while and I am quite disapointed that it doesn't actually suck. Now that would be a great toy!

Anonymous said...

Let me list what Paloma brought to bed tonight (you'll find this out in the morning when you get her!):

1 Extreme Elmo, 1 chicken dance Elmo, 2 Carebears, 1 Giraffe, 1 Angel Bear, 5 blankies, and 3 books (I was able to sneak those out while giving her her goodnight hug). I lined up the menagerie so that she'd have a place to lay down. I think it must have been comical to see her hand each one to me and make me take them up all at once up the steps (she indicated much displeasure at my attempt to break it into two trips up the stairs and grunted repeatedly when I dropped things). -Cliff