Monday, October 15, 2007


Quiet. Things are quiet in my head, and I have no desire to speak (or write/email/blog). Nothing much to say, really.

We have a good thing going in our homeschooling. Routine has taken over and I'm even in control of my home, to the extent where I'm not feeling uptight or panicked over its condition.

Our file has been in IBESR 4 months now. So we'll wait. And for once, I feel fine with that. Complacent. And it's nice to feel some peace in the adoption department.

The only thing I'm not feeling 'quiet' on is our upcoming 2-week vacation to Florida. Vacation is a huge misnomer. So 'unquiet' am I that I have launched myself headfirst into a big case of quiet denial. No prep work has been done. No desire to do any. I am a bit aggravated by the comment: "You must be so excited about your trip to Florida!" People must be insane. How is taking a strong-willed, loud 2-year old who has no ability to sleep anywhere but her room fun? And don't forget the roundtrip Wisconsin-Florida-Wisconsin road trip. It seems like an insurmountable amount of work.

Just thinking about the whole thing makes me feel really, really tired. And quiet.

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