Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-Vacation Insanity

Here is a sampling of the course of events from the past few days:

* I have come down with a Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffyhead Fever With No Time to Rest flu bug. And I'm not good at taking it easy and resting. Especially when faced with packing for 16 day trip.

* One child has already predicted being carsick "a ton."

* One child has already asked about 356 times, "When will we be there?"

* The baby has taken to climbing out of her crib, and now we are trying to "train" the Escape Artist to sleep in a toddler bed.

* While airing out our rarely used Pack-n-Play, one kitten mistook it as a litter box.

* The first house/pet sitter bailed on us.

* The backup house/pet sitter is allergic to dogs. We have a dog. Arrange for a long-term stay at the local doggie Hilton, and nearly drop dead at the cost.

* Bring the dog to the vet, only to find out that they will not update his vaccines (K9Hilton requires up-to-date vaccines), because Ernie is on strong steroids for his dermal allergies. Have a mild freak out. Take the 3-legged beagle and cute baby into K9 Hilton, with a note from the vet and his records, pleading that that they take him. They kindly oblige.

* Upon returning home from K9 Hilton, the vet calls and says that he can come in Friday morning for his vaccines. All that groveling for nothing. I LOVE having vet appointments the morning of the day we leave for a major vacation.

* Husband evaluates, re-evaluates and then draws a 'map' of how he is going to install his satellite radio for "optimum" satellite reception on the cross-country journey. He also continually asks for the wife's opinion of his satellite plan, as she is trying to plan out the clothing, toiletry, food and random supply packing lists for one husband, two children and one baby. All she can say is, "Sirously?!?" Husband is so satellite-absorbed that he fails to notice the absolute brilliance of her witty, play-on-word response.

* After honing her shopping lists and tirelessly running trip-prep errands, husband then remarks to the wife, "I don't think we'll be able to fit it all in."

I will gratefully accept any prayers, good thoughts, kind wishes or tranquilizers that you can send my way.


Jen said...

Valium is on the way....

Melanie said...

LOL - - you'll have it all down to a science for next year's caravan road trip out west...right?? And always remember - whatever you forget...odds are, they'll have it to purchase (for a premium) in Florida! Say it with me...FAMILY VACATIONS ARE FUN. And after this, think what a snap 'everyday' life will be!!

Have a great time!!!
(and we'll be praying for you!)