Thursday, October 18, 2007

Change of Attitude

Confession Time: I have had a BIG BAD attitude about our family's upcoming road trip vacation to Florida. Staying in hotels, a long car ride, tackling Disney, trying to get Paloma to nap and sleep at night---all of it made me want to crawl into bed and hide.

Today, after Atticus asked me for the 65th time in a 5-minute period, I took out my hotel information so that I could pull up their website and show him the photos of the big pirate ship in one of their pools. My eyes zoned in on the date.

I was off! We are due to arrive a full TWO days earlier than I thought.

Really, this is no big deal. It means that instead of leaving at the end of a weekend, we leave at the beginning. I can handle that. But, it creates a sense of urgency since I now have effectively lost that weekend to prepare.

This was the smack upside the head that I needed. Immobility serves no good purpose. I need to step up my game. If we are going to do a road trip, then by God I am going to turn it into the best damn roadtrip with kids ever! Or at least die in a valiant attempt.

So, I am spending my evening, surrounded by Disney/Florida/Family Travel books recently checked out from the library, and the planning begins...anyone with advice, I'll gladly take it! And Jen, I'll preempt you here: we are bringing our own little mini-bar with us; not for while we're on the road, of course, but to celebrate making it to Florida. . .and if it is really turns out to be that bad, then we'll just celebrate making it to Florida without leaving anyone on the side of the interstate somewhere ;)


Jen said...

You're too funny. We drive every Summer for our annual Summer trip to the lake. It takes about 8 hours and one year we added on and went further, about 12 hours. Driving with four children is not fun but what saves us is the DVD player in the car. If you don't have one I suggest a trip to Walmart to get a portable one. Michelle please close your can just return it when you get home.

You can even hook up the Nintendo to it, but please do not allow Cliff to use it! The Magna-Doodle entertained Sam for a while as well. I sometimes think the passenger (me) has it far worse than the driver (Phil). He can concentrate on the road while I perform various gymnastic routines tending to the kids in the back.
Good luck.

Melanie said...

I am looking for you to pave the way for the rest of us to brave road trips...or to be the one kicking and screaming...telling us "don't do it, I tell you, don't do it!" I know you'll have an awesome time!!! Remember...keep the expectations low...