Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A (Potential) Recipe for Disaster

I'm a home cookin-luvin' type of gal. Not a big fan of premade or prepackaged meals. Don't get me wrong--I recognize their value and they definitely have a place. After Paloma was born and I was nursing around the clock, and after our move to Green Bay when I had boxes up to here and Cliff out of state, Market Day and Dinner by Design were my saving graces!!!

However, now that we have no babies in the house or boxes to unpack, life has settled and it's back to scratch for me. For the most part, scratch cooking has been a good thing for us. There was the Horrid Potato Soup Incident of '01, where I made such a ghastly concoction that even Cliff a.k.a. "The Garbage Disposal," could not get it down.

We had a situation earlier this evening that had me worried that '01 might repeat itself. As I went to make Chicken Stroganoff, I found my lazy susan lacking both Creme of Chicken and Creme of Mushroom soup. Ack!!! Never have I been without these things! Racking my mind, I tried to think of what I could make with leftover chicken (already diced) and cooked egg noodles. Creativity was sorely lacking--I needed to figure out how to replicate the creme base for my stroganoff, and fast! The kids were already coming up every 5 minutes asking for a snack, and I knew that the seconds were racing before they would be so hungry that they would lock me in the garage while they pillaged the pantry.

So, I did what any smart home-cookin' woman would do: picked up the phone and dialed her home-cookin' girlfriend, Michelle S.! Michelle shares my love of both cooking and baking, and she rocks big time at both!!! Her food is so good that if I were a man, I'd want to marry her.

And do you know what? Michelle wasn't home. I was solo on this one.

After racking my brain (and eating half a bag of Fannie Farmer's pastel Melty Mints), I came up with the idea of using my gravy sauce from my "biscuits and gravy" for the base of my meal. I would add some chicken boullion in for a little flavor, and at the end I would stir in the veggies, and then sour cream for the necessary tang.

Shortly after my brainstorm, Michelle S. called me back--a true homecookin' girlfriend never leaves another hanging! I explained my dilemma, offered up my solution, and she gave me the encouragement I needed. So I donned my last clean apron, (Seattle circa '95):

got out a few of the fixins (love how simple it can all be!)

and set to work:

Success--well, per my kids and hubby. I personally thought it was a little too bland, maybe too starchy. But all in all, an edible meal.

As a reward, I'm now eating the rest of the Melty Mints as I blog. Oink!


Sawatzky Kids said...

Hey great post! (and not just because it was boost to my ego) ;0
Glad to hear everything went so great with supper! I bet it was YUMMY! We tend to be our own worst critic. Keep the great post coming! Love to read them!
Shelly and gang

ania said...

I just had a giggling fit about the Melty Mints, because I imagine you twirling the lazy susan, being frustrated by the missing condensed soups and the going.... "Mints? I really like this kind. No cream of anything soup. I'm going to die. What am I supposed to do. Is that a can of....? Nope. Oh! Mints again. Why are they all the way back here? I'll just....Mmmm. Melty Mints."

(You don't have to publish any of these comments. It's just that 4 years of adorable kids and funny anecdotes is an awful lot to read with out commenting.)