Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Old Switcharoo

It's time to rebalance the imbalance in my life.

By that statement, I do not mean eliminate the imbalance and replace it with balance. I'm not that unrealistic. By rebalance the imbalance, I simply mean to take one area of complete obsessive compulsive behavior and replace it with a a wholly different obsessive compulsive behavior. In this case, I am taking one behavior--- my compulsive checking of the status of the Haitian adoption process-- with another behavior--which is to revert back to my former obsession with knitting. And for kicks, I'm throwing 'sewing' in there along with it.

So, I'm pleased to present my very first FO in quite a loooonnngggg while!

This is a baby prayer blanket that I made for a special little Haitian boy, "J."
Several months ago my urge to knit returned, but I had no idea what I should knit and for whom. With five kids, it's kind of hard to pick a project and then feel guilt for the others I'm not knitting for (yes, I grew up Catholic). So while paging through my knitting books and mags, little J's face kept popping up into my mind over and over again. J's mom K, an incredible woman who has done a lot to help many family's understand the Haitian adoption process, was in an agonizing wait to go get her boy while the government was dinking about. J is her first child, and she was missing so much of his babyhood, and really, doesn't ever child need a baby blanket, no matter what their age? So I started knitting this prayer blanket, each time picking up the needles, saying a little prayer for their safety, the speed of the adoption, their future, etc.

Here's the other catch: I have knitted many a blanket over time, and never have I ever finished before the baby was ready to come home! It's not because I'm a slow knitter, or I start at too late of a date, it's just that the baby comes early, or I'm off by a week or two. Either way, I figured that perhaps this blanket would somehow tempt fate and baby J would be home before long.

Sure enough, "K" arrived in Haiti yesterday morning to pick "J" up! And sure enough, I finished that evening, too late to have the blanket arrive before she left.

My record still stands.

And no, I seriously don't think that I or my knitting have any sort of cosmic pull that somehow got this child home more quickly (okay, well, maybe just a little. . .I'm going to start on a blanket for our caseworker, who is in the same hellish wait for her son "C," so we'll see!).

With that blanket finished, and without having purchased yarn for baby C's blankie, I have another project OTN:

This time it's a felted tote for me to carry around my current knitting project. I'm really liking this project: it's more complicated than a simple blanket. I garter stitched the bottom, and then I had to pick up stitches around the bottom's perimeter for the sides. Now I'm knitting the sides from the bottom up, in the round, with nifty right twists on all four corners. It looks a bit floppy with loose stitches in these photos, but that will all tighten up when the project is felted. I'll post more as the project progresses.


Jen said...

Your knitting is so beautiful I, unlike you can knit a square...and only a square. I cast on in my own fashion and all my squares look more like diamonds when I am done...

Michelle S. said...

Say what....
bottoms up, hand stitches, garter stitches, felting....it's like your speaking a whole different language! I think I am the most un artistic person in the world! (and possibly the worst speller) Seeing the beautiful things your making and working on makes me wish I hadn't been absent the day those genes where passed out! ;)
Looking forward to updates on the projects!
Shelly and gang

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

That is so sweet of you to knit the blanket for K & J. It is beautiful!!

Thanks for the recipes..I received it in the mail today!!