Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Favorite Hand-Me-Down

Here is my sewing maching:

This was my grandmother Marian's. Singer Model #348. Manufactured in Scotland in 1967/68. I have all the parts and it runs beautifully. I even have the instruction manual, which I hid about 5 months ago after finding it in Paloma's possession, and now I can't remember where I hid it--arrgh!

I'm currently working on a valance for Hatfield's bedroom. We recently switched the children's bedrooms, and we're in the final leg of decorating Hatfield's bedroom.

Saturday night rolled around, and Cliff went out with the guys to watch a UFC tournament on pay-per-view (Neanderthals!). I knew that if I did not have a project to work on, I would waste the evening away surfing adoption boards and blogs, worrying about things out of my control. So, I began creating Hattie's valance.

So far the only things I have left to do are to tack on the second row of pink ribbon, iron and hang. I am getting so anxious to see the results--I'll be certain to post.


Jen said...

I am glad to see that your husband is as prehistoric as mine. Phil quite enjoyed watching UFC on Saturday in his friends theatre room. He was even happier to tell me the tales of how one "athlete" looked like he was attacked by a bear after the fight.
Gross! and he wanted me to come as well???

Sarah & Family said...

Ewwww. . .Cliff didn't tell me what anyone looked like, but was quite thrilled that the guy who won was 40somthing, and the guy who lost was late 20s. Why do they think that we would like this stuff? Cliff is always renting it on dvd, too. . . and always watching it solo long after I'm in bed, lol!

Michelle S. said...

Cliff called Shawn yesterday with "exciting" news...gues what the news was....A website where they could watch unaired footage from the fight that was even bloodier than what they saw!
Men...a whole other world!

Sarah & Family said...

I am so sorry that my hubby got yours into all of this. . .next thing you know the two of you will be fighting like children over who gets to use the computer (he to watch UFC, you to blog). . . kind of like we did last night when Cliff was all excited about watching that fight. I nearly had to get out the timer that I use with my kids toe ensure we each got our fair turn, lol!