Friday, August 31, 2007

I need to find a new international calling card. . .

Have you ever spent the whole day, excited about a near-future event, very much like a child the night before Christmas, only to then have the event never happen? I am soooo highly aggravated right now for this very reason!

This past Wednesday, Jill and her mom traveled to Haiti to meet Jill's new daughter. From the start, we planned for me to call her 7 pm on Friday. So 7 pm comes. First call, a gentleman, who speaks very clear English, answers the phone. Bing-o! This never happens and I do a little happy dance at my good fortune. Still, our communication is completely muddled as he can't hear me, and I can hear my words coming back to me twice through feedback on our crappy cordless phone with my crappy quality international calling card. I recall this happening with Cliff's calls to me, and that he had to call back on a regular phone. Even then, the quality was mediocre at best. I tear through the house, trying to find the one non-cordless phone that we have (which serves as a toy for Paloma on occasion). I find the base in a short amount of time, but it takes me about 10 minutes to locate the receiver, and another 10 minutes to locate the cord.

I call Haiti again, and this time no answer. I impatiently wait another 5 minutes, and call again. This time I am unsure if anyone even answers--I think that I hear a female voice, but do not know if it is my echo, or another frequency coming in on the phone, or the possibility that I'm now hearing things at this point.

My last two calls net me the busy signal, and now I only have 7 minutes on my calling card. I am officially resigning from calling Jill tonight.


I am over my need to constantly check the message boards (my proof: I log onto my email first, then my blog, all before I check the boards). I am over my obsession with knowing the status of IBESR and Parquet, because it doesn't matter what happens there--the boys will come home when their file is ready. I can accept all of that.

However, until these boys are home, I will never be over my aching need to find out how my babies are. This need is magnified a thousandfold when my very good friend is at the orphanage where they live. I need to parent vicariously through her, even if for a moment. And not only that, I am dying to know how Jill is holding up in Haiti, how things are with her baby girl, and how are all the other families who are there picking up their children .

So until Jill returns home and I can talk to her Monday morning, I will make do with the following precious photos that a mom took just under two weeks ago.

How adorable are these photos?!? Look at Joel's little boo-boo on his nose! I just want to kiss it. Alas, I can't do that, so the neurotic mom in me made Jill promise to put antibiotic cream on it if it looks infected. Merisier looks to be his happy-go-lucky self, always in the middle of a group of friends. It does my heart so much good to see the boys looking healthy and happy.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Sarah what great photo's! Those boys could not possibly any cuter! Except in person of course!
Thanks for's hoping your next call goes alot smoother!
Shelly and gang

Jen said...

It wasn't just you who had phone problems last night. I told Michelle I would call her around dinner. i got through first time but my voice was echoing and the person on the other end hung up. After trying to call back a few times, I gave up.

I willtry again tonight...