Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Handy Helpful Tips

I am all about Handy Helpful Tips lately. Ever since I came across my favorite website ever--hosted by my new online mentor/heroine (see "My Blessed Home" under links). Basically this gal, who is ultra-organized, created a website detailing her organizational philosophies and techniques on every area of one's home. From her I learned of a BRILLIANT way to do laundry which has changed my life for the better!!! Typically I've always stayed on top of doing my laundry, one to two loads per day. And I fold it right as it comes out of the dryer, so that wasn't my problem either. My downfall would lie in the fact that I would transport all of our laundry to my bedroom, where I would sort/stack on the bed. Try as I might, daily life (i.e. children) and the size of my laundry room (won't easily hold 5 laundry baskets) prevented me from sorting my laundry into 5 separate piles while in the laundry room.

Sooooo, sorting laundry for 5 people and then putting it all away is a big P.I.T.A!!! Many times it would sit on my bed, and then be placed back into the baskets at 10:30 at night so the mister and I could go to sleep not covered in laundry. Ugh.

Well, this gal only does laundry one time per week, for everyone in the house. Everyone has a day (some of her children are grouped in two's). While she still does 1-2 loads per day, NO SORTING is required!!! Brilliant!

I employed this technique in my home 2 weeks ago, and let me tell you, laundry is a joyful breeze now!! I wash Cliff and my clothing two times per week, on Sundays and Wednesdays, but the kids each have their own washday. Their bedding is included on wash days, thus eliminating the headache of Clean Sheet Monday (having to make up 5 beds on one day). Hattie and Atticus are old enough to sort, switch over, fold and put away their laundry (I supervise). Things are getting easier!

Anyway, check out her website. She is brilliant and I love her.

But here is my Handy Helpful Tip of the day. The mister taught me this one, and I luv him for it (although honey, if you're reading, I would luv you even more had you just employed this technique yourself and did the darn project, lol!). When hanging tricky shelves, mirrors, etc. that have two sets of holes--meaning you need precisely the right distance and level--you place a sheet of tissue paper over the object. Then place dots over the holes with a marker:

Cut out to size of object and tape on the wall where you would like to hang it (it also helps give you the feel of how it will look)

Always use a level (I've learned the hard way, don't ask!)

Drill holes

Eazy breezy perfection!

And the job is done in record time.


Jen said...

Your laundry situation made me laugh. I do the wash in the basement and bring it upstairs to fold. I put it in the baskets and carry it up to our bedroom, and like you sort it into piles on my bed. Then I usually get side tracked and when it is time for bed the laundry gets put back in the baskets and plopped on the bench at the foot of our bed. I don't know how many times the cycle will repeat itself before the clothes make it to the dresser/clset.

I am pretty organized but laundry is my downfall.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Love the floating shelves! Love the HANDY HINT section of your blog! Thank goodness I have saved almost every scrap of tissue paper ever recieved in a gift for reuse later! Should the situation arise I shall have may colors to choose from...Shawn might take exception to using pink anything while doing such a manly task as hanging shelves ;)
Shelly and gang