Thursday, August 23, 2007

At least she found a use for it. . .

I refuse to be a mother to push their child into potty training, just because she doesn't want to change diapers anymore. Really, who among us wants to change those dreaded doodies? But honestly, kids learn to go when they're ready. I realize that some kids are ready and don't want to, so we mommies have to bribe them into it with insipid tricks like sticker charts (Hattie) or Matchbox Cars (Atticus). But really, all the stickers or cars did was create the incentive and greedy little toilet monsters--it was when they stopped needing the incentive when they were really there. Yes, I just want to avoid the guilt of having any of my pushing create elimination problems of Freudian proportions.

Anyway, I cloth diaper, and kids in cloth tend to train faster because they can feel when they're wet, as opposed to disposies where the kid has to pee 4 cups at least before they're wet, and then really it's not wetness but mushiness from that horrid lining turning to toxic gel on their poor bums.

Paloma is at the stage where she immediately notifies us when she is wet or poohs. She calls it all pooh, but we'll tackle that issue later ;) And she is constantly hellbent with trying to push her sister or me off the toilet and trying to climb on herself. Lovely. So, anyways, I brought up our potty chair. The first morning she thought it was a hoot, and would sit on it as a chair. Since then, it has been long neglected, until we walked into this scene on Wednesday:

At least she's found a use for it! Once Barney's done with his turn, I'm going to reshelf the thing until it's truly time.

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Melanie said...

I agree, labor and delivery is a snap compared to getting a toddler potty-trained :-) What are we in for next?? Moody-pre-teens, drivers-ed, dating...Can't wait!?!