Thursday, July 26, 2007

Up Nort'

Going "Up Nort'" is a big deal here in Wisconsin. Everybody knows what that means, and most have been there at some point or another. When living in Washington, people were often shocked to find out that there was something North of Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Total sidetrack here, but something I always found funny was the number of people who thought Green Bay was in Florida, right next to Tampa Bay). When living in Milwaukee, I always laughed at those city folks who would call anywhere from Fond du Lac to Green Bay "up north."

My kids have not spent a lot of time Up Nort', the way that many other kids around here have, and we are slowly trying to change that. We have wonderful new family friends, Jill and Brent B., and their four kids, Noah, Dominic, Klarina and Audra---we met because Hatfield and Noah were on the same soccer team. They are also our close neighbors living just the street over from us. And they are now adopting a gorgeous little girl from the SAME orphanage as our boys--Stania, who will turn 3 this October. Our boys will now have an orphanage sister living just a street over! HOW INCREDIBLY COOL IS ALL OF THIS?!?!?

Anyway, Jill hails from Up Nort' and last weekend they invited us to spend a day at her family's summer home. What a new adventure for our children!!! Hatfield had a blast tubing with Noah, and Atticus--so often to timid to try out new things--had to jump right on after watching the two of them! Cliff treated Atticus to canoe and paddleboat rides, and Jill and I took off with Hatfield and Atticus for a jetski tour of the three-lake chain. The water was shallow and clear, so little Paloma had a wonderful time splashing about, and the beach had a perfect sandy spot for her and Audra to toddle about!

And to top off a wonderful day, Cliff and Brent were treated to a wild ride of "Who can stay on the tube the longest?" in which they were whipped around the lake like ribbons in the wind. Who won? 9-year old Noah! While Cliff and Brent were flipping off like flapjacks, Noah was on his knees, hopping from tube to tube, yelling, "Is this all ya got?!?"

Methinks I hear the Survivor Themesong playing in the distance. . .

Up Nort' Rocks Like This!!!

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Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

I can't wait until Tuks is out of diapers, and then I plan to "Go Nort" for camping too.