Friday, July 27, 2007

"Uncle Fred"

So I'm sure by now everyone knows who I'm referring to when I write of Atticus' Uncle Fred. . .the very nice gentleman my boys eat 'Man Food' (i.e. breakfast) with every 'Man Day' (i.e. Saturday) at the 'Man Restaurant' (i.e. Skip's Diner). Uncle Fred is the most kind and generous man, and recently he gave Atticus a tree.

"You can plant him in your yard and name him after me," explained Uncle Fred.

So Cliff and Atticus planted this tree in the perfect spot in our backyard which has needed a tree for some time.

"Fred looks great!" I told the boys, who were very proud of their Man Job of planting their Man Tree.

"Mom, the tree is named "Uncle Fred!" Atticus informed me.

So please meet Uncle Fred the Second:

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