Monday, July 02, 2007

Time for some MAJOR catching up!!!

Wow, it's July and I am soooo ashamed for not blogging!!! Life has been a whirlwind of good weather and good times, and so our basement (home to our computer) has been quite abandoned.

I further apologize for not continuing my Haiti journal. I will do this, I promise, but it is so hard to do. I miss my two sons more than I thought possible, and the busier I keep, the easier it is to handle the pain. The best way I can describe it is: pretend to give birth to a baby (or in my case, babies), who you want more than anything, and then you have to leave them in a less-than-ideal hospital for the better part of a year. I thought preparing for the boys would be fun, but it's not. I don't want to set up the boys' room just yet, because I can't handle seeing two empty beds day after day, not knowing when the Haitian government will let them come home. I put away the two backpacks I brought for them, because it just reminds me how they put their backpacks on their fronts and went running around the courtyard, racing towards each other at full speed to collide their backpack-cushioned bellies. When our file gets further along in the system, then I'll start the preparations, but until then, keeping busy is key.

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Manda said...

First of all - Hi Atticus- I miss you!!! Second- you are a true inspiration to anyone that reads this blog- I really look up to you as a mother. The kids look wonderful and knowing there is a God, he will bring your boys home soon- try not to think about the sadness - think about the joy that you give them- pretty soon this will all be a distant memory and Atticus and Paloma will be with the boys playing "backpack bash" -