Saturday, July 28, 2007

Party Animals

Well, Hattie's big day finally arrived (in June!) and today we celebrated it with her friends. This year, Hatfield chose to use her special day to help her "favorite people" in the "whole world." And who are they? "Dogs and cats and bunnies! At the Humane Society." Why did we wait so long? Hattie wanted us to wait to hold her party until after her week-long attendance at the Humane Society's Caring Kids Kritter Kamp.

So instead of gifts for herself, she asked everyone to please bring something to donate to the Humane Society. Wow! What an incredible group of kind, generous little girls she has to call friends! Cliff and I couldn't believe all the great things the girls brought (we know because we were the ones to haul it all in). After some fun crafts were the girls made the dogs and cats cuddly fleece throws and fun neck bandanas, we loaded them all up in our two vans and took off for the Humane Society.

We were met by an awesome tour guide named Will. A young man in his late teens, Will began volunteering when he was only 13 years old--his first job was to unfold the newspapers used for kennel lining. He was willing to help out in any job that they gave him, and now he is an animal cargiver in a paid position. We were pleasantly surprised because we were shown every room in the place--where the most itty bitty brand new kittens are, where the sick dogs recover, the supply storeroom--even the garage and van! It was an awesome tour and we have tremendous respect for this fine organization.

After the tour, we returned to our home and feasted on "Pup"cakes and ice cream--yummy! The Pupcakes were a huge hit, and we had a blast making them the night before.


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Beautiful story, beautiful heart in your daughter too. Ok, now I am asking pretty please would you be willing to share the recipes for both Pup cakes???


Sarah & Family said...

No problem, Aves--they were so much fun to make! We got the recipes out of Hattie's American Girl book, "Girls and Their Dogs." There were 4 sample pupcakes; Cliff and Hattie really got creative and kept "upping the ante" by trying out various breeds (like hounds, huskies, the Target/Spuds Mackenzie dog, lol!). If you don't mind emailing me your addy through my yahoo board email, I will photocopy and send the pages to you--they're as fun to make as they are cute :)

Melanie said...

Great Party Hattie! You are an awesome girl with such a wonderful gift - and the dogs and cats in our area are so lucky you live here!

And Sarah, best 'cake' ever...I'm so inspired!!! I want those pages too!

Jen said...

Those cupcakes are adorable. I would love to see the recipe as well! Maybe send it to the whole group!!