Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Livin' It Up!!!

We decided to try a bit of a vacation last week, and headed up to the beautiful Upper Peninsula's Lake Michigan shore.

Of course, the weather became cold and rainy, so visiting the beaches was out. Luckily, our hotel had a great indoor water park geared towards kids 12 and under. Unluckily, our 23-month old daughter has NO fear and a complete disdain for age appropriate activities. After a few mundane runs down the small hippo waterslide made just for toddlers, she decided that she needed to go down the BIG waterslide that even Atticus wouldn't go down. I took her down once and she loved it. Up again we went for a second run, but she decided that she wanted to go down alone---ha ha ha, NO! She bit and kicked and fought me, but down she went on my lap. At the bottom of the slide was the hotel pool staffman, looking down at me with a very sour face. "No babies on the slide. Only people who can stand or swim." He spoke loudly (yelled, really), and I kindly explained that his sign states that people shorter than the height noted could not go on "unassisted." I, therefore, was merely assisting her, and I could easily stand in the 3 1/2 foot water. "Well, don't do it again," and he huffed away.

After another 20 minutes of trying to keep a constantly screaming Paloma away from the big slide's steps, I rounded my disappointed older children up but managed to quickly cheer them up with the promise of swimming in our room's large whirlpool tub!

The kids had a blast and came out shriveled as prunes! It took my nerves that long to recover from the swimming pool tantrums, and we went on to have a nice quiet afternoon, far away from the pool room.

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Melanie said...

Ah, you poor thing, I hate being scolded by pool boys...I once had a pool attendant at a hotel make me get out of the whirlpool because I was not 18 (adults only??)...I, however, was the honest Abe who told him, when asked, that I was 17!

Glad to hear you found a fun alternative! Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves.