Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Jello-Magical Fourth

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

We had a great time celebrating the Fourth at our Jimmy and Boppa's house this year! Jimmy put on one of her usual fantastic feasts, and when I asked her days earlier what I could bring, she assigned me a dish or two from the Jell-o cookbook that she bought for my kids.

Now, I've never cooked with Jello before. Never a huge Jello fan. But my kids are! When I told them that they had to pick out two treats for us to make to take to Jimmy's, you'd think I told them that they were going to Disney World. After 30 minutes of careful deliberation, they came to me with the results: Jell-O Rocket Pops, and Holiday Poke Cake.

So we first decided to tackle the Rocket Pops.

Basically, you make red jello. Pour it into cups. Place in freezer for one hour. Then immediately make blue jello. Place that in the refrigerator for the hour that you have the red jello cups in the freezer. After one hour you take out the red jello cups and spoon an approximately three teaspoon layer of cool whip into each cup. Then poor the blue jello on to of the cool whip layer. Place cups back in freezer for one hour. Then remove and insert a popsicle stick into each layer. Return to freezer for 3 hours. Serve.

Personally, I found solo cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 to be less complicated.

What Jell-O fails to tell you is that if it is 85 degrees outside, the Jell-O will turn to gel faster than you can spell J-E-L-L-O. Hence Atticus eating his Rocket Pop out of the cup, as seen here:

But hey, a Mom's dismay is often a kids' delight, and my kids thought the Rocket Pops ROCKED! So score one for mom and Jell-O!

Earlier that day, I attempted the Holiday Poke Cake after I put Paloma down for a nap and Cliff took the big kids to Jimmy's to swim. I followed the directions perfectly. Bake white cake in two round pans: check.
Let cool: check.
With a large fork, poke holes no more than 1/2 inch apart in each cake: huh? okay, check, I think.
Make red jello: check.
Make blue jello: check.
Carefully poor red jello over one cake: Carefully? Take that to mean slowly, check. The WHOLE cake looks like it is completely saturated in red jello.
Freak out and consult Jell-O book to see if this is normal and find there is no mention of full cake saturation in the directions: check.
Repeat procedure with second round cake and blue jello: check.
ENTIRE second cake looks like it is FULLY saturated in blue jello: check. Sarcastically think: This is supposed to look all cool and swirly and marbly when done? HA HA HA HA HA!; check.
Refrigerate 3 hours, frost with Cool Whip and put lame blueberry star on the top which looks nothing like the professional one in the Jell-O cookbook: check.

So Paloma wakes up and we bring the cake to my mom's. I dread the cutting of the Jell-O poke cake. She cuts the cake and I am in shock!!! Hot damn, IT WORKED!!!

Moral of my story: The Jell-O people KNOW Jell-O. Trust in the Jell-O.

So after my two-for-two Jell-O victory, the kids went down to the pond with Boppa and Dad to do some Fourth-of-July Fishing! Ernest Hemingway, eat your heart out! Atticus caught 11 fish, Hattie 9!!! They had a blast and were sooooo proud of themselves!

There was so much hooting and hollering with each fish caught that Paloma and Jimmy had to come on down to see what was going on!

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Your are too funny! Glad to hear everything with the Jello turned out! LOVE ATTICUS'S NEW HAIR
Shelly and gang