Sunday, July 08, 2007

It Arrived!!!!


We had some INCREDIBLE excitement in our household last week---our homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year arrived! I really shouldn't say "finally," as that would imply an unnecessarily long or overdue shipment; quite the contrary--I placed the order on a Wednesday night, and it arrived Saturday morning to our great joy and surprise! I say "finally" because we have been painstakingly planning and drooling over the Sonlight catalog for months now, and we "finally" placed the order this past week.

We have been so impressed with the results of our research regarding this fine curriculum company; now we're even doubly impressed because they make even the unpacking the boxes terribly fun! The inside of the boxes have a castle design, so after Cliff broke down and cut out the design, each child was able to create their very own castle! After that fun, the kids then entertained themselves--and me--for *hours* playing with the packing paper!

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Sawatzky Kids said...

I always knew you were a fashion forward family
Shelly and gang