Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!!!

We just returned home from a huge birthday fiesta for my baby brother (ha ha!) Adam's 24th Birthday!!!

Our fam joined up at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, housed in a former Wisconsin supper club that has a large back room where the kids can run and our noise doesn't drown out other tables (a very easy feat for all of us!). Adam is the baby of our family with two old maiden sisters who are now both in their 30s--ack! (photo of my sister Stephanie, my brother Adam, and myself).

Atticus *worships* Uncle Adam--which is the biggest understatement of the year--and spent the whole evening lavishing compliments upon him. "You're so COOL!" Atticus while gazing at Uncle A's many tatttos. A short while later, Uncle Adam nearly regurgitated margarita through his nose when Atticus proclaimed, "Uncle Adam, you ROCK like this" and then proceeded to do his very best air guitar ever!

We're looking forward to your 25th birthday bash, Uncle A! YOU ROCK, BABY BROTHER!


Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW Looks like you all had a blast! What a great looking trio...your sista is a twin to your mama! LOL

lori said...

love reading your blog, keep it coming!!

lori (http://fromourbunchtoyours.blogspot.com/)