Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Going In/Out with a Splash!

The time is drawing near, and we are going out of our summer and into our school year with a SPLASH!!!

We were recently invited by a homeschooling family at our church to spend an afternoon swimming with several other homeschooling families. The kids were so excited to go!

The home we went to is located in Little Suamico. 42 acres of pure heaven with a manmade pond, complete with a floating diving/sliding/swinging station and water trampoline!

Needless to say, this is our dream property.

We met an awesome homeschooling family with 6 kids who live. . . get this. . .just up OUR street! Hattie and Abbie hit if off immediately, and we have a playdate scheduled for this week. The kids had a wonderful time swimming together. Atticus is a child who has been very fearful of learning how to swim; he doesn't care to put his face in and blow bubbles and do water bobs, which makes him the less-than-ideal student in group swim lessons. He's a kid who, when hesitant, needs to do things on his own timetable. The positive encouragement which Hattie thrives on only causes him to further retreat. Just watching the big kids swim out to the diving station from the shoreline for 15 minutes was all Atticus needed; he geared up with his life vest and waterwings, and before I knew it, he was determinedly headed their way. I was so proud of that kid!!! (You have to squint, but the blob in the water is Atticus)

The kids were treated to a rowboat ride courtesy of Mrs. J!

Homeschooling families, as Atticus puts it, Rock! I was so impressed by all the children there. The kids of all ages got along and talked easily with parents; the teenage boys were courteous and helped with the younger children without being asked; no one whined once--not even when it was time to leave. Now don't get me wrong--I know that ALL homeschool kids whine, and some probably a lot! But I've been around a lot of kids from all different types of schooling, and I was blown away by this particular lot. It makes me terribly excited for all the great families and kids that we will meet in the years ahead.

Our summer vacation is winding to an end this week; we begin homeschooling the 6th! Why so early? A number of reasons. . . we'll be in Florida for two weeks in November; I want the flexibility to take a day or two off here and there for things like apple picking, sledding, or a trip to the zoo days; but my main reason, the one which I am praying fervently for: that we'll be going to Haiti in Spring to pick up Joel and Merisier.

By starting early, we can get all those things in and still be able to finish up school by Memorial Day. This entire summer I have spent watching my children having fun, all the time imagining Joel and Merisier having fun alongside them. I want to make certain that we have plenty of time next summer to turn my imaginings into their realities.

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Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW! That place looks very cool!
I know many a family that would love to call a place like that home! :)
Glad to hear it went so well...Still need to chat and hear the details in person!
Shelly and gang