Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Birthday Boy!!!

My Baby Boy is now FIVE years old!!!!

And did we celebrate! This past Saturday morning, Cliff and Atticus went to Skip's for their usual "Man Day" breakfast with Uncle Fred and Boppa, where Atticus was surprised with birthday candles on his "usual"--a Mickey Mouse-shaped chocolate chip pancake!

Atticus' favorite waitress, Bonnie, gave him a dollar bill for a birthday present :)

After "Man Morning," Atticus came home to find the house decorated and the stage set for his big party. After chanting "let's get this party started" about fifty million times, his guests arrived and the fun began. As a parent, I can't believe how much easier a "boy" birthday party is than a "girl" birthday party. The kids had a blast playing outside, eating pizza and destroying the pirate ship pinata!

Atticus was soooo in love with the Hot Wheels cake that Hattie and I made for his party that he insisted we make a second one for our family party on Monday (his actual birthday). Funny how something that looks so awful to my adult eyes looks like the Absolutely Best Birthday Cake Ever to a little boy!!

Atticus got some bigtime birthday hugs from his favorite auntie!

Last Day of School!!!

No more school,
No more books,
No more teachers' dirty looks!

Just kidding about that last line, Mrs. J! I recited that little poem to my children and they stared at me blankly. Obviously no one must say that anymore, and fortunately, my children were blessed with such awesome teachers that it doesn't hold true anyways.

Last Friday the 1st was the last day of school, and whoa we were busy! First there was Atticus' school picnic at Pamperin Park:

We had to leave the picnic early to race over to Hattie's school for her late morning dismissal:

After a fun lunch at Mickey D's with some families from her school, we were off to Bay Beach! Hattie and her friend Caroline went straight for the ferris wheel, which coincidentally had the longest line in the park. While the girls waited in line and the moms took turns supervising them, Atticus and Paloma hit the kiddie rides!

Paloma LOVED the rides and did not want to get off them once they were finished, so we had to race quickly to the next line to keep her happy. She is a girl who knows what she wants.

Hattie and Caroline were finally able to get on the Ferris Wheel,

but by the time they were done, the little ones were pooped out and it was time to go. Hattie had a great time saying goodbye to her friends, with promises for lots of summertime playdates.