Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Road to Haiti

I had never left my children before, and leaving Thursday morning was tough. I drove away at the same time as Mama Cliff (love the new tag, Shelly!) loaded up the kids in my minivan for school drop-off. Hattie was sobbing—I mean sobbing. She and I are so connected.

Bruce and I threw his stuff in the back and we began the drive to O’Hare. The drive goes smoothly, and we manage to haul all four bags, plus 2 carryons, through economy parking, on the cta train, to the check-in. The bags suck to carry and everyone comments on them to us. Bruce’s first reply is always, “I told her that she didn’t need 20 pairs of shoes!”

I do always go onto explain that we are carrying formula for Haitian orphans, and everyone is suddenly willing to lend a hand and help us haul the suitcases. Everyone except the check-in agents at American Airlines. They couldn’t have cared less, and politely waited for me to cough up the $50 bucks I owed in overweight baggage charges.

Once we get through check in and security, we travel to our gate and find it already delayed a full two hours. It finally hits me what I’m about to do. I realize that I’m about to travel to one of the world’s scariest and most dangerous countries, one where the US government doesn’t want me to travel to, and I’m leaving my 3 kids at home to do it. I find the nearest ladies room and cry.

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