Sunday, May 20, 2007

Preparing for the Journey

We lead a very blessed life. Nearly everyone I tell about our adoption and the orphanage and the conditions of life in Haiti wants to help in some way--family, friends, even people I don't know very well were kind and generously donated goods for the orphanage. Bruce and I took down FOUR overpacked, HEAVY suitcases stocked with formula, medicines, diapers, clothing, food, toys, baby supplies, shoes. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the love and kindness and generousity.

Many other families are visiting their children in Haiti at the same time as I am. We adopting mothers decide to put together 20 Mother's Day gift bags for the women in Haiti who work at the orphanage and the guesthouse. We all divide up the list and purchase toothpastes, lotions, underwear, umbrellas, flip flops, medicines for the bags.

In Haiti, sometimes food is hard enough to obtain, let alone anything pretty or feminine, so my mom kindly offers to throw a beading party so that we can make pretty bracelets and earrings for the women's gift bags. Our longtime family friends: Lynn, Carrie and Carrie's daughter Karson attend and together we made over 30 bracelets and pairs of earrings!

Hattie and Karson are artistically gifted and create beautiful jewelry.
I struggle greatly, and soon find that I am far better at soothing my pre-travel jitters by drinking white wine and eating cheesecake than I am trying to thread impossibly tiny beads on wiggly, tiny elastic thread.

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Carrie Corcoran said...

Thanks for the fantastic time Sarah! Next time it's at my house, and I'll make sure there's more wine but no more tiny beads for you to thread!! :-)