Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Be the Coolest Guy on Your Block

1. Have a really ugly, cracked front walkway.
2. Have a couple of sledgehammers lying around.

3. Have a radio cranked up with '80s metal music playing
4. Have a cooler full of cold beer.
5. Have a pan of your wife's Banana Creme Brownies waiting nearby.
6. Have a relaxed understanding of the term "Child Labor Laws."

We personally guarantee that every man on your street will come a running, practically begging to get a couple of good swings with the sledgehammer. The older ones will shake their heads, lamenting, "I'm no longer the young buck on the block." The younger ones will have a warrior contest trying to outdo one another.

1 comment:

Sawatzky Kids said...

Way to attack that cement! Shawn will be bummed he missed out on some good MANual labour....well I am sure there is always next time ;)
Great post
Swat Team