Monday, May 07, 2007

Busy Bees

Whew! The past month has been a blur! My first digital camera died, we tore up the front yard, and we finished our adoption paperwork-- whooooooohooooo! Good parents that we are, we put our kids hard to work:

Heck, we even put our friends' kid to work!

One question worth asking: Working hard? or Hardly Working?


Sawatzky Kids said...

I don't think the kids minded the "yard work" to much Jack immedietly wanted to know when we were going back to your "earth pile" Thanks for the great morning and great burgers!
Michelle and Gang

ania said...

I bet they thought they had you fooled.

"Pshaw, it'll be easy guys! If we can manage not to giggle when Mom and Dad call us to 'work', we can get away with playing in the dirt all day."