Tuesday, May 22, 2007


One would think that since I have known about our boys since February, bought my airfare in March, purchased their gifts in April, listened to nothing but Kreyol cd's for days on end, and travelled 1900 miles to meet them, I would have been prepared when the moment actually arrived! Nope, I was caught off-guard. So off-guard.

As in my last post, I returned to my room to putz through my bags while I waited. Within moments, a beautiful lady named Addie, an adopting mother from Colorado, burst through the doors. "Sarah, your boys are here! And they're beautiful!" I now know what it feels like to be that expectant father from yesteryear, frantically pacing in the waiting room, when the doctor bursts in and declares, "It's a boy!" I felt so overcome that I burst into tears, just for a moment. Then I realized that this was it! and the excitement hit me. I grabbed my purse and rushed out to the courtyard to meet them.

A real fear of mine was that the boys would somehow be grown up--that during my wait I would discover that I had missed all the "littleness" about them. I was so wrong! I remember how shiny their eyes were, and how little they seemed to me! My boys were still little, and I felt overjoyed at the realization that I wasn't missing everything.

Thinking about it now is so very hard---here are these two precious LITTLE, little boys, all alone in this BIG world! Brought over to a hotel where they've never been to meet some white lady they've never seen who is now going to care for them?!? What strength, what survival these two little boys possess.

The boys came right to me, cautiously, but obediently. I grabbed my purse and took out two Pediasure "candy" granola bars (so ridiculously priced here that I would never buy them for my own healthy bio kids, but my goal in Haiti was to pack as much nutrition as I possibly could into those little bodies :) They eagerly accepted them. Joel licked his like a lollipop, letting the chocolate melting everywhere. Merisier was more cautious, just holding onto it, watching all the commotion around him, the people watching and crying and taking photos.

Here is the first photo ever of me with my two new sons:

Shortly afterwards, I took the boys into the lounge and gave them their special backpacks. Hattie and Atticus took so much time preparing them: deciding what types of toys and treats to put into it. My boys LOVED them! The Bob the Builder phones were a huge hit.

We spent the rest of the morning playing, taking a break for lunch and milk. Afterwards, I realized that they were looking tired and rubbing their eyes. "Tikabisha?" I asked them. They nodded. I took their hands and led them to my room. So obediently, they laid down on the bed, closed their eyes and fell asleep. I laid next to them, watching. Joel sleeps heavily and soundly, just like Atticus. Merisier sleeps with his eyes partially open, just like Hattie. I watched and cried and laughed at the way they'd give these little smiles while sleeping. No two ways about it, I was in love.

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Melanie said...

I really need to stop reading your blog at work...my coworkers are going to start talking about why I'm crying! There's no crying at work! What an amazing love at first site story...can't wait to meet those boys! They are adorable and I love the picture of you three together!