Thursday, April 05, 2007

Where's Spring?

Well, here we are at April 5 and it's unbelievably cold. Just the other week we were having 70 degree weather, and now it's like January returned once again. And during Easter Vacation week to boot!

So, instead we're staying inside having fun. We had a great "Family Movie Night" at Miss Hattie's request. The kids picked out an Air Bud movie, we popped a ton of popcorn (I think literally!) and the four of us snuggled onto the couch for a movie (Paloma was sleeping and missed out on the fun). One thing is for certain: when the boys arrive, we're going to need a bigger couch! Our old one creaked and you could feel the frame shift with the four of us on it--I'm quite certain that it could not hold up the seven of us!

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Sawatzky Kids said...

Gotta love movie night! Great choice on the Air Bud!
Michelle S.