Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Latest Snapshots

One of the huge benefits to choosing a Haitian adoption from PAC is that Marie has an open doors policy and welcomes adopting parents at any point to visit. Adopting parents visit regularly, take tons of snapshots of our children, and then share the photos online.

These photos of Merisier were taken just last week Thursday. Last week! I don't know how to describe it, but when I can see something taken just the day before (I first saw the photos last Friday), it's as if I can feel the same air that he was just in, like his spirit is stirring the air around me, as if he just walked by me. He looks good, doesn't he? Smiley, happy, and most importantly, healthy.

Natalia, the adopting mom, was only at the orphanage for 6 hours. She was vacationing in Florida and just hopped over for the day. She spent a lot of time holding her sleeping baby girl on the porch, and some of the more curious kids (i.e., Merisier) joined her. Jodnel, our shy guy, was one of the children napping during the visit and staying upstairs to play. In the one photo, at the far far back, you can see the back of Jodnel as he is looking out the backdoor.

Next month I visit my boys. I cannot wait! I think of all the times adoptive parents have come to visit their children, calling out the child's name and hugging them and holding them and taking them back to the hotel for some swimming, and each time my boys have just watched it all happen. But not to them. I know that all the other parents are so kind and loving to all the children--all the children are hugged, all the children are given toys and candy. Still, though, it's not the same. I am just so excited for them to have THEIR turn to hear their names being called.


Sawatzky Kids said...

Okay now it's my turn to get all teary eyed at your was Laura last time:)You are going to be such an amazing mother to those boys...Praise God for bringing you to each other! Great pictures of the boys they absolutly look amazing and happy and healthy!
Michelle S.

Our Family... said...

You are so blessed to get such wonderful peeks in to the world of you boys. It is a wonderful organization that can bring parents together to share with one another. Your boys have truly been given a gift from God to have parents so excited and ready to give them a wonderful family life. Even if I think your a either nuts or a model mother to even think of home schooling;)