Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Mom, Paloma came over by me when I was in my bed and she talked to me like a human!"

Atticus the Puzzle Master

(Embarassing side note. . embarassing not to Atticus, but embarassing to me): We have this awesome puzzle game called "Traffic Jam." It's basically a grid that you place these Monopoly-style cars on in assigned arrangements--a traffic jam--and the goal is to move the red car off the grid. There are 40 puzzles, ranging in difficulty from Easy to Expert.

Atticus and I set up the game a few days ago, and by Puzzle #5 it gets to the point where it takes some tinkering. I would begin to move a piece, Atticus would interject, and I would shoo his hand away. A few moves later and the red car would be in a worse jam than when we started. Atticus was able to get it out in a few short moves--ones that I never even saw. Yikes! I was pretty darn impressed and extremely humbled by this experience.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how quickly are kids smart level surpasses our own! Great post I was laughing out loud at the computer!
Michelle S.