Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Spoke to My Boys!!!

(This is a photo of Merisier and Jodnel from August of 2006 at the creche)

I had my very first phone call with Jodnel and Merisier Friday morning! 36 hours later and I'm still on Cloud 9 here. . . I called PAC on Thursday night and had my first phone call with Marie, the creche director. Wow, was I nervous to call! Over and over I practiced, "Marie France Simon, silvouple." Luckily for me, Marie was the one who answered.

We had a very nice phone call. She had lots of questions about our paperwork, and she even told me that if the dossier is finished mid-end of April, to send it to her in Miami where she would be on holiday. She is all business and treats every child's paperwork as extremely urgent--she just wants to see these kids go home to loving families. She told me that my boys are on the quiet and shy side, very well-mannered and like to "play, play, play!"

An update that I had confirmed: we had the boys' names flip-flopped. The older boy is actually Jodnel, which she pronounces "Zjo-nell" and they call him "Joel." The younger boy is Merisier, but he is called Phillipe. Apparently one of those names is his first and one perhaps a sur or middle. She is pulling his birth certificate from her office (I am so happy to hear that he has a birth certificate--this will save us a lot of heartache down the road) and will email me his formal name.

But, I digress, and back to the big news: I asked Marie if I could talk to my boys, but they were already asleep (it was 8:10 pm). She told me to call back on Friday morning around 9. I barely slept Thursday night! When Cliff woke up at 4 am on Friday, I just could not get back to sleep. Finally the clock struck 9 and I was able to call.

Jodnel came on the line first. . .he tried very hard to repeat Marie's prompting of "Hi Mommy." Oh my! He has such a sweet little voice! After Jodnel, Marie tried to put the phone near Merisier's ear. Only 2 and not at all used to the telephone, Merisier wanted nothing to do with it. I could hear him whine and bit and say "no." He sounds so little and sweet and very much like a 2 year old :)

All the meanwhile, over and over I cooed the few Kreyol phrases that I know: Mwen renmen ou (I love you), Sa se Mama (I am Mama), Gwo bisou po ou cherie (big kiss for you darling), and I think of you every day (which I can't even think of right now, LOL).

I will try and call my boys again before Marie leaves for vacation on the 13th. . . and now it's only 1 1/2 months until we leave for Haiti. . .I'm on my way, my boys, I'm on my way.


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful Sarah,
The joy you feel comes through so clearly in your writing!:) What a home coming these boys are going to have! I am so happy for you and the family!
Michelle S.

Nikki said...

That's interesting... my Jodnel is pronounced differently! More like "zjod-nell" and he goes by "zjod".