Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Spoke to My Boys!!!

(This is a photo of Merisier and Jodnel from August of 2006 at the creche)

I had my very first phone call with Jodnel and Merisier Friday morning! 36 hours later and I'm still on Cloud 9 here. . . I called PAC on Thursday night and had my first phone call with Marie, the creche director. Wow, was I nervous to call! Over and over I practiced, "Marie France Simon, silvouple." Luckily for me, Marie was the one who answered.

We had a very nice phone call. She had lots of questions about our paperwork, and she even told me that if the dossier is finished mid-end of April, to send it to her in Miami where she would be on holiday. She is all business and treats every child's paperwork as extremely urgent--she just wants to see these kids go home to loving families. She told me that my boys are on the quiet and shy side, very well-mannered and like to "play, play, play!"

An update that I had confirmed: we had the boys' names flip-flopped. The older boy is actually Jodnel, which she pronounces "Zjo-nell" and they call him "Joel." The younger boy is Merisier, but he is called Phillipe. Apparently one of those names is his first and one perhaps a sur or middle. She is pulling his birth certificate from her office (I am so happy to hear that he has a birth certificate--this will save us a lot of heartache down the road) and will email me his formal name.

But, I digress, and back to the big news: I asked Marie if I could talk to my boys, but they were already asleep (it was 8:10 pm). She told me to call back on Friday morning around 9. I barely slept Thursday night! When Cliff woke up at 4 am on Friday, I just could not get back to sleep. Finally the clock struck 9 and I was able to call.

Jodnel came on the line first. . .he tried very hard to repeat Marie's prompting of "Hi Mommy." Oh my! He has such a sweet little voice! After Jodnel, Marie tried to put the phone near Merisier's ear. Only 2 and not at all used to the telephone, Merisier wanted nothing to do with it. I could hear him whine and bit and say "no." He sounds so little and sweet and very much like a 2 year old :)

All the meanwhile, over and over I cooed the few Kreyol phrases that I know: Mwen renmen ou (I love you), Sa se Mama (I am Mama), Gwo bisou po ou cherie (big kiss for you darling), and I think of you every day (which I can't even think of right now, LOL).

I will try and call my boys again before Marie leaves for vacation on the 13th. . . and now it's only 1 1/2 months until we leave for Haiti. . .I'm on my way, my boys, I'm on my way.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Can you say, "Cliff's Kid?"

After a long morning of shopping with Mom and Jimmy, Paloma was more than happy to come home, plunk down on her Care Bear couch and veg out to some Barney. It is times like this when I wonder if my children inherited any of my genetic material ;-)

Quote of the Day

"Mom, Paloma came over by me when I was in my bed and she talked to me like a human!"

Atticus the Puzzle Master

(Embarassing side note. . embarassing not to Atticus, but embarassing to me): We have this awesome puzzle game called "Traffic Jam." It's basically a grid that you place these Monopoly-style cars on in assigned arrangements--a traffic jam--and the goal is to move the red car off the grid. There are 40 puzzles, ranging in difficulty from Easy to Expert.

Atticus and I set up the game a few days ago, and by Puzzle #5 it gets to the point where it takes some tinkering. I would begin to move a piece, Atticus would interject, and I would shoo his hand away. A few moves later and the red car would be in a worse jam than when we started. Atticus was able to get it out in a few short moves--ones that I never even saw. Yikes! I was pretty darn impressed and extremely humbled by this experience.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Great Paperchase

Wow, it has been sometime since I've last posted! The reason why? We're in the throes of The Great Paperchase.

The dossier to adopt from Haiti is unbelievably long. Everything needs to be notarized, then sent to the state for authentication, then translated, then to the Haitian Consulate, and then to Haiti. We have gathered and authenticated all of our documents and just waiting on the homestudy to wrap up! Our last homestudy visit is April 2nd --whoohooo! We are hopeful to have our paperwork and payment in Haiti by May 1st. Then the true waiting game will begin.

So updates on the Five Frozen Chamorros. . . we'll go from youngest to oldest:

Miss Paloma is back to the happy, giggly, silly girl that she was before her teeth began breaking through! She is absolutely delightful (except when she tantrums everyday at Atticus's preschool pickup. Everyday!). While she is still a baby of few spoken words, the kid can sing! She prefers to sing over speak, and Barney's I Love You and Baa Baa Black Sheep are her two favorite songs. She loves to dance and can outdance all of us!

Mr. Atticus has a new weekly tradition. . .every Saturday morning he and Cliff join Boppa and "Uncle" Fred at the "Man Restaurant," aka Skip's Diner in Ashwaubenon. Every Saturday Atticus orders chocolate chip pancakes and Diet Coke. Diet Coke? What happened to Mom's repeated request for the kid to drink orange juice? Apparently "lady rules" do not apply at the "Man Restuarant" and by golly if the boy wants Diet Coke, then Diet Coke it is.

Sister Mary Hatfield continues to love school and enjoys memorizing her three weekly Bible verses. She recently had her Pom and Dance Recital and our girl just shone! Typically at school recitals/concerts Hattie looks a bit uncomfortable, as though she doesn't truly enjoy being up on stage. Not at Pom though! Up there her eyes sparkled and she really did her routine with enthusiasm and flare. We are going to enroll her in a summer pom program because she just loves it so much.

As for Momma. . .Sarah's going to Haiti for 5 days in May! The tickets are bought, the reservation at Wall's Guesthouse is made and we are buying supplies for the orphanage like mad! Bruce (aka Boppa) is going along with me for company and protection. He is just as excited as I am. Our orignal plan was for Cliff to go this Spring, scout everything out, and for me to travel in Fall. In all honesty, as a Momma, I need to go and get my arms around Jodnel and Merisier! I NEED to hold them and cuddle them and play with them and know them. I have read many accounts of recent trips to Haiti from fellow adopting parents, and I feel comfortable going. Less than two months now!

Big Daddy C is doing well. . .keeping very busy at work and home here with us. Cliff took a kayaking class at the Y this winter and is looking forward to getting some kayaking time in this Summer. Other than that, everything is just our happy same ol' same ol', and we can't complain about our status quo.