Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Family is Growing (x2!)

I think this is the BIGGEST, HUGEST, MOST IMPORTANT news I have ever posted in this history of my blog.

Please Meet Merisier:

and Please Meet Jodnel:

These two beautiful boys (pictured with one of the nannies), currently living in an orphanage in Haiti, are our sons (well, legally not yet, but we're working on that!)

As many of you know, Cliff and I have long felt that raising a large family and growing our family through international adoption has been our calling. We have been so very blessed with a wonderful family, Cliff's successful career, our new home with plenty of space and yard, that we decided the time was right to take the plunge into the world of internation adoption.

Our boys reside at Petits Anges de Chantal in Port au Prince, Haiti. Run by a beautiful women named Marie, our boys are well-cared for and well-loved at PAC. Please check out the orphanages website at www.littleangelshaiti.org.

We are hoping to bring them home by next spring. Marie has an open door policy and as such Cliff and Bruce will be traveling to Haiti this May to meet our boys. I am hoping to then travel in Fall, and then hopefully our next journey to Haiti will be to bring them home!

Our two boys are cousins, but raised as brothers (as they will be here!). Merisier turned 3 this past December, and Jodnel will turn 3 at the end of May. We feel so very blessed and honored that these two little ones will be part of our family. It is such a joy and a great privelege to raise children.

So needless to say, our blog will be needing a new name! Any suggestions? :)


Chris, Sophia and Adam said...

That is so exciting! The boys are just adorable. I am sure it is so hard waiting to bring your boys home. We cannot wait to meet them!

Nikki said...

Just came across your blog and am so excited for you (yes, I am commenting on an old post- the announcemnet post!) I volunteer with a precious 3 year old whose family just came to Canada as refugees from Haiti. His name is Jodnel as well and he pretty much lights up my life :) I was googling the meaning of Jod and your blog came up. I am hoping to spend my next Christmas in Haiti and have fallen in love with the country. looking forward to following your blog!

ania said...

I know that this was years ago, but I'm so excited!