Monday, February 12, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started!

Atticus is going to make the perfect husband when he grows up, because as our only son who is stuck in the middle of two sisters, he is learning all about girls and getting along with them and how to make them happy. Not only is he surrounded by a family of girls, up until this winter, the majority of our family friends had very few sons.

Lately, though, we have been seeing in Atticus a longing for some little guy buddies of his own. He would often say, "Don't I have any boys to have playdates with?" as if he innately knew that there was more to life than playing school or dress-up.

But he's not asking anymore! Atticus now has a great boy playmate/buddy named Jackson! And in January, Atticus attended his first ever BOY'S ONLY birthday party (well, except for us mom's and Jack's little sis).

Not only was this Atticus's first boy's birthday party, it was mine as well! And what a difference it was. . .I'm used to 14 little girls squealing, screaming, cake-gobbling, present-monging, all over-the-house little girl cray-zee! Boys aren't like that at all! They actually listened intently to the rules of the games and tried to win! They took the pinata seriously and developed strategies other than "mob the dad who is holding the pinata!" The younger boys showed utmost respect to the older boys and dad who can make louder and more intense bodily noises.. . Atticus was a hoot to watch during that one because having a mom and sisters who are *so* not into that type of thing, he was absolutely awed and amused by the boys, but so scared that he'd get it from me for that type of behavior (which he didn't. . .I figured boys will be boys and actually felt it was good for Atticus to be exposed to that so he won't be the odd-kid-out once he hits gradeschool--I'm just amazing myself with my parental enlightenment, LOL!).

I think Atticus's new buddy Jackson and all the fun they have together is a great new chapter in Atticus's life. . . my little boy is growing up!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Atticus!

Jackson mom just showed me the pictures of you at my party!
That was cool! Thanks for being a GREAT friend!