Friday, January 12, 2007

Week of the Beast

A definite ying/yang nature of parental boasting certainly exists. Last month, I posted several boasts regarding my childrens' various school programs and activities. In an effort to avoid losing any precious non-parent readers, I promised that I would post about the next bout of heinous behaviour. Well, true to my word, here goes!

Our dear Paloma has been a beast all week. With a very genuine reason, mind you: the poor thing cut all four molars. So now she has her two top teeth, her two bottom teeth, huge spaces and then molars. In the spaces are huge white bulges that hurt to just look at them.

So the teething crabiness, in addition to her usual fearless self, has led to some feelings of parental exasperation. Wednesday morning, after making her round of "climbing from chair to chair round the kitchen table" and trying to get up on the counter for the umpteenth time, I suddenly remembered, "Hey, I'M the parent here!' and that enough was enough! I dug out the booster chair, shunned by my darling several months ago, strapped it to a chair and informed Paloma that this is where she was going to sit, tantruming or not.

To my great surprise, she decided that she now LOVES her booster seat and happily sits in it:

So I did it! I tamed the wild beast (in a very small sense ;)

And now we move onto Atticus the Beast:

As many of you know, Atticus takes daily violin lessons at school. He has thrived in the lessons and takes them very seriously. Well, apparently on Wednesday two of the little boys in his class had a sword fight with their bows until the conductor prompty intervened. So of course, Thursday comes along and Atticus decides to give his bow one good pirate "whoosh" toward a boy (but nowhere near him at the same time).

His conductor promptly told Atticus that he could never, never, ever use his bow like that.
"But I didn't," was Atticus response. He then went on to deny it for several more times before he admitted it. She then said, "Atticus, you always must tell the truth right away. What would your mom say if she heard that you were fibbing?"
"Don't tell my mom, okay?" was Mr. A's response to that.

As you can imagine, I heard that story, and nearly died!

The violin teacher was very good-natured about the whole incident, and because Atticus is a very charming boy in his behavior, she even giggled about it a bit. When I told Cliff the story and got to the "Don't tell my mom, okay?" response, even he laughed at it. Now that a full 24 hours has gone by, even I can chuckle over it. Of course, not in front of Atticus though.

When Cliff asked Atticus how his day at school was, Atticus answered, "Oh, I was naughty in violin." At least the telling-the-truth lesson sunk in!

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