Thursday, January 25, 2007

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Get 'Em Ernie, Get 'Em!

The other day I was at Target with my girls and our delightful neighbor Maddie (Maddie if you're reading. . we love you! Come over and knit with us soon!), and the big girls convinced me to buy this stuffed oppossum for Ernie as a "training device."

Ernie LOVES this new toy. For a 3-legged beast who is not at all fond of the snow, he will spend hours . . .well, 45 minutes, but in dog years that is hours. . .in the snow trying to rip this poor stuffed animal to shreds. I'm hoping that when the actual oppossum shows his his beady little face, Ernie's training kicks in and he goes to town!

Truthfully, no. I would have a major freakout if I had bits of oppossum strewn about my backyard and Ernie trying to get in all bloody and googly-eyed. Enough of a freakout to require a horse trainquilizer for sure (good thing we live by Fleet Farm, LOL!). Instead, we borrowed our friends "humane trap" and are trying to lure the thing into it with cat food. To date, no luck. But soon! 2007 is going to my rodent-less year, I can just feel it!

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