Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sister Mary Hatfield Strikes Again

Our daughter Hatfield has had a long-expressed devotion of God and religious ritual, hence her nickname, Sister Mary Hatfield. It all began with the following tale:

One day in the Fall of 2005, Hatfield came home from First Grade requesting that she bring in the family rosary the next day at school.
Sarah, looking blankly at Cliff, replies "Do we even have a rosary?"
Cliff: "Yes, yes, of course. I think I brought one from Seattle." This is the Mister's stock reply to nearly every obscure request. Truth be told, the man moved out here with a moldly antique military backpack full of (horribly unfashionable) clothing and an old tattered suitcase full of books and random papers.
Sarah: "No, you did not bring one from Seattle." After a moment of reflection, "I think we're going to have to go to one of those Jesus stores and buy one."
Hatfield, looking COMPLETELY disdainful: "Mom, how can we be a good Catholic family without a rosary?!?"

Hence the name Sister Mary Hatfield. Over time, our precious girl's behavior has continued to uphold this title. . .wanting Santa to bring her a kiss from God for Christmas, reading the Bible while on long car rides, explaining to us that her teacher who was once a nun used to be married to Jesus, and could there be anything cooler than that?

And tonight, for example, we caught our girl "baptizing" her brother and sister while they were in the tub. Yes, I know that many a kid does this, but how many do this while proclaiming, "You are cleansed of all sin!" and "Your pure soul is ready to receive the Lord!"

We're now just waiting for her to start assigning Atticus ten Hail Mary's every time he is mean to her ;)

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