Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday!

January is a Big Birthday Month in our family. . my husband, mom, stepdad, brother-in-law, sister-in-law. . .and now mine.

My husband and children delighted me this morning by surprising me with a homemade birthday cake (pictured above). When my crew realized that they didn't have any cake decorating colored frosting to write Happy Birthday, SuperDad improvised by tinting the white frosting with red kool-aid from a packet that I bought about 4 years ago but never could bring myself to feed it to my kids. . .waste not in our house! I was so impressed with his creativity that I forgot to ask him why he didn't just use our food coloring kit, LOL ;)

The kids were thrilled to continue our family tradition of having birthday cake for breakfast this morning. . .one piece a cake and two cups of coffee has me shaking so badly that I can barely type this blog!

So here's to another year. . .I hope that it's a healthy, happy, fun and chaotic as the last one!

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