Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Cliff!

Today is Cliff's 34th Birthday!

We did the "official" celebrating yesterday. Prior to his family birthday party, Cliff went for an afternoon plane ride in his friend Craig's plane, which is a prop plane (is that the right term? I'm just "plane" ignorant on the subject!) that seats four. Cliff, an experienced traveller, wasn't quite experienced enough for this ride and his 10-minute "go" at piloting the plane himself.

The poor guy came home green to his very gills, although there was a good mix of ashy grey in there as well. How do you know when my husband is really, really sick? When he passes on homemade lumpia, red rice and ooey gooey chicken burritos! While the rest of us feasted, our birthday boy laid in misery on the couch, trying to get his land legs back.

He felt a bit better for some of the chocolate devil's food birthday cake that the kids and I made for him (from scratch too, mind you, how's that for a throw-back?). And by 10 pm he was able to get a small plate of food down.

The kid's worked hard on their birthday cards for their old man, and here are the great results!

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