Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Five Semi-Thawed Chamorros

Our weather for January has been unusually nice. I mean really, truly unusual: no snow accumulation. None. At all. As a native of Titletown, I can tell you many a story (with pictures to back it up) of how we would have so much snow that my folks would have to dig our mailbox out after the snowplows came through.

On January 3rd, the kids had a great time playing outside after school. We dusted off the scooters, bikes, jump ropes and had a blast. Little Miss Paloma wants to be Big Kid Paloma so badly. Sharp as a whip, she insisted (aka whined until I caved) that I take down Atticus's red bike helmet and bicycle so I could peddle her around the driveway.

Looking at these photos, I feel a bit sorry for my children. They'll have no "we had so much snow we had to dig the mailbox out before strapping on our snowshoes to get to school" stories to tell their children. Instead it will be, "It was so warm that we rode our bikes all about on January 3rd!" But hey! Thanks to their mom, they'll have pictures to back their preposterous tale!

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