Friday, December 08, 2006

Our Shepherd Boy

Last night was Atticus' preschool Christmas program. We have been to many a preschool Christmas program, but this one was the best put-together, hands down. They put on a play of Baby Jesus' birth. Each and every child had at least one line of speech and one solo line of singing, and the class sang songs as a whole too.

Atticus was a shepherd in the play, and he sang "Go tell it on the Mountain, over the hills and far away. Go tell it on the Mountain that Jesus Christ was born!" His line later in the play was, "This will be the son of God." Then at the end of the play, each child introduced themselves and when Atticus did, he said, "My name is Atticus. Merry Christmas to my Mom and Dad." (Admittedly, all the children said Merry Christmas to their parents too, except the one little girl who named the closest 30 relatives she had :)

We cannot tell you just how PROUD we are of our son. Atticus sang and spoke his lines so clearly, so loudly and with such pride in himself. All the children did in fact. We were just amazed at the self-confidence they all exuded and how well they did! We are still smiling all day from last night; this is our Atticus who really didn't talk or carry on conversations until he was 3 (of course now we can't get him to stop!); this is our Atticus who last year cried nearly every time we dropped him off at his Milwaukee preschool. Here up on stage was this handsome, charming little boy--our little boy-- with a huge white smile!

Of course, he was quite the ham too. He had a difficult time sitting perfectly still when he was waiting on the stage with the other shepherds. He had to do little sitting dances, and he also repeatedly flashed his Spidey underwear (unintentionally) to the entire left side of the audience! While up on stage he took his time to model his Shepherd gear, and once he did a couple of little donkey kicks off the steps when the class was singing and dancing a bit. And to add a flourish to the ending, he was the only kid who did some huge bows while the audience was clapping.

We recorded the program with our new camcorder, and I'm still quite a novice with the device. I'm hoping to download it and put his song and antics on youtube, but no promises there.

All right, I realize that I'm probably making most of you nauseous with my Mommy pride and sentiment, but you other mothers out there will understand that I just can't help myself! And just so you all know. . .prepare yourselves: Hatfield's school program is next Tuesday and Wednesday morning there is sure to be a gushing blog review :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chamorros! It's the French Family. We loved your blog, especially the rodent story. My mom liked the Atticus oil-drinking story. Thanks for entertaining us! We look forward to reading more.
- Maddy and Tory